Tuesday, November 17, 2009

waiting game

So life has not slowed down at all, I honestly doubt it ever will though : ) John will hopefully finish the pantry tonight which means then I can clean my DISASTER of a kitchen so then he can install our new stove (YEAH!!!!) and then we can work on decorating the Christmas tree. I have the tree up seeing as mom gave me my Christmas present early, which was the pre-lit tree, and seeing as we don't know when this baby will be here we went ahead and put the tree up just not decorated yet. The kids LOVE the tree they just love to watch it as it is plugged in, they are so sweet.

Well I went to the Dr last Friday and I am a cm dilated and that was about all. She doesn't want to schedule an induction date yet she thinks that this baby will come on his own, I just hope he does not decide to come on turkey day. His room is pretty much ready except for his dresser that is in Chattanooga since my father in law refinished it for us. So that is pretty much it for now. Hope everyone has a WONDERFUL day!!

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