Tuesday, November 17, 2009

waiting game

So life has not slowed down at all, I honestly doubt it ever will though : ) John will hopefully finish the pantry tonight which means then I can clean my DISASTER of a kitchen so then he can install our new stove (YEAH!!!!) and then we can work on decorating the Christmas tree. I have the tree up seeing as mom gave me my Christmas present early, which was the pre-lit tree, and seeing as we don't know when this baby will be here we went ahead and put the tree up just not decorated yet. The kids LOVE the tree they just love to watch it as it is plugged in, they are so sweet.

Well I went to the Dr last Friday and I am a cm dilated and that was about all. She doesn't want to schedule an induction date yet she thinks that this baby will come on his own, I just hope he does not decide to come on turkey day. His room is pretty much ready except for his dresser that is in Chattanooga since my father in law refinished it for us. So that is pretty much it for now. Hope everyone has a WONDERFUL day!!

Monday, November 9, 2009

what a WONDERFUL weekend

So John took the kids and I to Knoxville/Chattanooga this weekend to see his parents and then he took me to the UT-Memphis game and I have to say the game was a BLAST!! I would not recommend walking the Knoxville campus 9 months pregnant but hey I had fun! The game was great and seeing old friends was the best. Plus being able to talk to the husband with no kids in the background was the best. Johns mom watched them for us while we were gone to the game. I am so blessed to have such amazing in-laws. O yeah while at the game John, Brittany, Lindsay and MIB got to feel Baby Tonahill kick. It was so cool!! That little boy was flip floppin around and having as much fun as his momma!!!

We came home yesterday and on the way we stopped at Nashville to shop : ) I love the Opry Mills mall. I went in to carters and got each of the kids a few things. I don't know why but I always tend to buy Grace more clothing than her brothers. That little girl is SPOILED and she knows it. We got home last night and came home to a freshly cleaned yard. Jennifer and Danny and her boys came and raked/blew/cleaned up all of the leaves from our front yard. I was so excited!!! I have the best friend EVER!!!! Well that was the excitement of our weekend hope everyone else had an amazing weekend too!!!

Friday, November 6, 2009


I am not exactly sure what I want to "blog" about or what all the world wants to know but I thought this might be a fun way to keep the world updated on our growing family and our growing kids.

We just got done with Halloween and now we are approaching Thanksgiving and then the birth of the first true blooded Tonahill grandbaby and then we are on to Christmas and New Years and the list of birthdays that never ends.

I am so ready to have baby Tonahill. We are due December 10th and we think we have finally decided on a name. John Michael Tonahill. If he is born on Dec 8 then we might have to rethink cause then he will share his "Uncle" Mitchells birthday. How cool MY baby brother would be 21 on the day my baby is born!!

We are not yet finished with the nursery but we are FINALLY getting close. It is painted, crib together and changing table assembled and loaded just waiting to find a dresser. Easier said than done!