Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Thanksgiving already?!?

I cant believe that it will be Thanksgiving in 2 days.  I cant believe that my baby boy will be 1 in 8 days!!  And that Christmas will bless us in 32 days!  It has been a crazy good year this year.  We have been working on our house like mad men and have done a ton of changes, not so many that you can tell from the outside but I swear we have been changing/fixing things.  We still have a ton to do but isn't that the joy of owning a home.  I am so thankful for the roof over our heads and for my amazing hubby that has been doing all of the work.  I will try and post some before and after pics soon.

We are doing dinner at my mothers again this year, she is amazing, she is hosting dinner for all of us.  It will be a large crazy group, Mom, Dad, Me, John, MD, (Pat and Grace spend Thanksgiving with their dad) my brother Mitchell his adorable girlfriend Missy, my friend Chace and then we have Jamie (Johns mom) and Paul and Crystal and their baby girl Kimberly.  Ed isn't able to come in town which stinks and we will miss him, I hate that he wont be with his wife on Thanksgiving day.  I am so grateful for my marriage and family, we all have our ups and downs but I am grateful that we have such a strong bond that we can withstand anything.

Any one going shopping on Black Friday?  John and I are.  It is kind of our own little tradition, with three kids you have to catch every sale you can.  We are doing Target like always and maybe even Walmart and then I am going to go to Vera Bradley.  I have my list and I am sticking to it this year, I have been really good about shopping over the past few months and getting things as I found them so I wouldn't have a ton to do in December.

I hope everyone has an amazing Thanksgiving!!!