Tuesday, August 24, 2010

school and crafting

So Pat has been in school one full week now and he LOVES it! Grace went her first half day today at CUMC and was a little skittish because she didn't know her teachers but tomorrow she goes again for a half day and she will have 2 of Pats old teachers and she is so excited!!!!
Pat is in Kindergarten at Collierville Elementary and he couldn't be happier, he gets to ride his bike to and from school and for him that is sooo exciting. I love living this close to the school.
MD is getting huge and I think he is going to skip "crawling" and go straight to walking, he does the army scoot but his fav thing right now is to hang on to the coffee table and walk around. He is growing so much it is scary!!
Also I have decided to get back into crafting and that makes me so happy! With John home at night now we are able to split parenting duties which gives me a little me time and I couldnt be more grateful! I have bought a couple pdf's off etsy and have started making magnets and Grace Anne has been helping and I love the way they have turned out so far! If you get a chance please go check out http://www.thedigibutterfly.com/ or their etsy shop http://www.etsy.com/shop/thedigibutterfly  they have some SUPER cute stuff!!! and their blog is WONDERFUL!!! As I start making more things I will start posting them! Thanks and I hope yall have a GREAT week!!!!