Wednesday, October 12, 2011

To new habits......

Cannot believe it has been almost a year since I blogged.  I really want to blog more/need to blog more but life is crazy.  Pat is in 1st grade at Collierville Elementary School and obviously that is 5 days a week,

and then Grace 

and Michael are at Collierville United Methodist Church PreSchool 5 days a week,

 and then on top of that Pat and Grace do dance on Mondays and Thursdays and then Pat plays soccer and scouts and John is working 2 jobs and o yeah mom fell and ruptured her achilees tendon so we have been out a babysitter!  But her surgery went GREAT and she is healing, still cant put any weight on her foot but she is doing much better!!!  But since my mom has not been able to help us out at all my mountain of stuff has piled high!!!  So I am bound and DETERMINED to make some major changes, I have taken up sewing and LOVE it!  It really is such a stress reliever for me and when I am done I have something tangible in my hands and I am very much a reward kind of person!

So I have been trying to craft more and I have discovered Pintrest!!!  LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!  (amazing addictive inspiring)  While on Pinterest I found these amazing nail tattoos and any of you that know me know how I feel about my nails as well as my tattoos!  So tattoos for my nails is right up my ally!!!  I am going to purchase some and I will let you know how they look and last but I am stoked!!!!   Check out her site I think my first purchase will be the henna tattoos!

So all wrapped up in this new habits thing I am working with my silhouette more and I am loving it.  First thing I made was an anniversary banner for my amazing parents.  I think I am going to make our Christmas cards this year too!!!  Well got to get back to work but I am going to update this thing daily!  Wish me luck!!!

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