Friday, July 23, 2010


so.. i havent updated this in what seems like months, o wait it has been months : ) between the kids and work and home renovations I feel like I am always running. We are so ready for the kids to start back with school, Pat is ECSTATIC and driving us crazy always asking "when do I go to school" and Grace well she doesn't realize she wont have the same teachers and that is throwing her for a major loop and well MD yeah well he will have quiet during the day with the other 2 at school so we will see how that goes.

This weekend P & G are in their Uncle Justins wedding and they couldnt be more excited. Grace loves putting on a pretty dress and being center of attention, plus their "Cottie" (grandmother) got her a tiara to where so she is happy to look like a Princess. I cant wait to see pictures. I am happy for Justin and Marla I am excited for them to experience marriage and I think they will be pros at it. I dont really know Marla well but I know Justin and I know he is ready, ready to be a husband ready to make that step. Congrats Justin and Marla and I wish yall the absolute best!!

Also we have decided to plan a family trip to Disney in May of 2011 after Pat and Grace are out of school. It will be me, John, Pat, Grace, Jeremy, Carol, Justin and Marla. So for those of you who dont know who all those people are well me, my husband, 2 of my children, my ex-husband, ex MIL and ex BIL and his new wife. For many people this is ludicrous, for us not so much. We all get along for the most part, there is some bad blood in their some where but I hope it is gone by the time we see Mickey! I am so ready for this vacation!!!! John has never been neither have the kids and neither has Marla. We are planning to do a ton of stuff and I am hoping we can make this a family tradition, but we shall see.

On Wednesday of next week the kids (all 3) John and I are going to load up in the Vue and drive down to Pensacola. We are going to spend a few days on the beach and I couldnt be more thrilled! I need a break, work has gotten more stressful in certain ways and more enjoyable in others but it seems as though the negative out weighs the positive. I am looking for something else, i dont think this is the job for me and one of my bosses and I clash and when we clash it is a **CLASH** so if any of you know of any job openings I would be truly grateful for any sort of direction. But back to the beach, we are going to go to Pensacola and let the kids see the ocean for the first time I hope they enjoy it as much as I do. Well I will be sure to post more often and pictures after we are home. Hope everyone has a safe weekend!!

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