Monday, March 15, 2010

Quick Update

Life has been CRAZY lately!!! I am back working full time, John is working the 6-2 shift at the dept. and my sweet sweet mother has been watching my 3 crazy kids in between. Nothing really new going on with us other than Pat had his first "major" surgery on Thursday, he had his adenoids removed and holes in his ear drums to drain the fluid. He is a totally different child now! He is happy and smiley and happy and so sweet, back to his old cuddly self and I love it! MD is HUGE!! He is growing more and more every day and Grace Anne well lets just say Grace Anne is Grace Anne.

We have started on our newest renovation project: my laundry room!!! We have torn the old cabinets out and we are getting ready to lay tile and paint and put in new pretty painted cabinets and I am so excited it is ridiculous! It is the only room in the house that I have been able to COMPLETELY gut and do MY way! I will post pictures soon!

John and I had started going to the gym regularly in January but we got out of the habit cause it was hard to find someone to watch MD so we could go but now that he is 3 months he can go so I am trying to find the motivation again to start going daily. Reading everyones blogs about eating healthy and exercising is really motivating me to get off my ass and get moving! Thank you!!! Well time to go buy my tile and then to dinner and HOPEFULLY the gym this evening.

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